Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A Note From Akafuze

Here's a short excerpt from an email I received from Akafuze, a good friend, regular commenter, shooter, and otherwise cool dude:

With this bluebird weather , there may not BE a hunting season - but I promised my 14yr old grandson that I would take him. He passed the S/T test 71/72.

We were scouting out the Weyerhaeuser tree farm on Saturday - he actually asked me - get this - "Grandaddy, do you have any more hunting stories?". What's a fella supposed to do.

He proceeded to shoot the head off a grouse - I breasted it out and he took it home to cook for dinner.

So that's where the next generation of NRA members is coming from - so I'll be working in a good cause, while you are ogling the topless.
(.... at the Gun Blogger Rendezvous -- Mr. C.)



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