Monday, October 02, 2006

Character Quiz V

It's time for Character Quiz V, so here you go! Extra credit for additional information beyond just identifying the character, as usual.....

1. Lambchop

2. Gunther Toody

3. Princess Summerfall Winterspring

4. Don Winslow

Have fun!

You got 'em all! Don

UPDATE: Don Winslow slowed you down a bit, but you figured it out.

As a reward for all the good answers, here's a link to a short Don Winslow of the Navy episode.

It works best if you right click on the link and download it first, then listen to it from your hard drive.


At Sunday, October 01, 2006 7:26:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Opps I posted these behind the other quizz.

1. Lambchop the original sock puppet, was the inspiration of Shari Lewis first appeared on TV's Captain Kangaroo in 1957. Shari and Lambchop had their own show for a number of years in the '60's and went on to even more fame on PBS as a 5 time Emmy winner. Sadly, Sheri passed from uterine cancer in 1998. Lambchop lives on through Sheri's daughter Mallory.

2. The Beanry? or Joe E. Ross the actor who played the part on Car 54 Where are You?

3. Wow your dredging up some dim memories. Buffalo Bob Smith, Howdy Doody and Phineas T. Buster are some of the other characters clinging to the cob webs.

4. You had Rochester of Jack Benny fame on last week and now you have Benny's 'announcer' Don Winslow, or was it Don Wilson?

I think you should put this exercise on topic like Floating Chamber. A facinating story of the inventor. There was even a movie staring Jimmy Stewart, it plays occasionally on late nite tv.


At Sunday, October 01, 2006 7:47:00 PM, Blogger Mr. Completely said...

TG: You got three, but Don Wilso nwas Jack Benny's announcer. Don Winslow was a different character entirely.

..... Mr. C.

At Sunday, October 01, 2006 10:27:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

3) Princess Summerfall Winterspring was a character on the Howdy Doody show.

She was the only character to be played by

#1) A real live young woman, whose name escapes me at the moment. I believe she was killed in an automobile accident.

#2) A string puppet

Both characters were dressed in "American Indian" buckskin attire including a headband with a single feather and all. That would be very NON-PC by today's standards.

I never made it to the "peanut gallery", but I was a loyal participant via my grandmother's DUMONT console TV with a 13 inch screen and analog channel tuner.

At Monday, October 02, 2006 7:55:00 AM, Anonymous homebru said...

Don Winslow was featured in several Saturday morning serials. In his adventures, I believe he started out as "Don Winslow of the Coast Guard" and, during WWII, based his adventures on a battleship which was never named. Only referred to by number. "620" comes to mind.


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