Thursday, June 08, 2006

We're Off To Banks Lake

Is this Mr. Completely's new bass boat?
Picture 'borrowed' from Blog Idaho

This weekend is the Fishin' Club of Whidbey Island's Annual Spring weekend outing to Banks Lake in Eastern Washington. Here's some pictures from previous Banks lake outings.

KeeWee and I are due for a break, as we've either been working, or at one or even two matches every weekend since the weather got good enough to get out and go shooting.

We reserve a row of campsites right on the beach at Coulee Playland Resort for the club. You can actually pull your boat right up into your campsite! Fishing is mostly largemouth and small mouth bass, but there's also walleye, rainbows, crappies, and yellow perch. Fish a bit, sit in the shade a bit, maybe take a nap, just generally do as little as possible for two and a half whole days!

No blogging at all for three days, but we'll be back on Monday.



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