Thursday, June 08, 2006

Eddy Brown Memorial Metal Match

7th Annual Eddy Brown Memorial Metal Match
June 3rd and 4th, 2006

People from Canada, Montana, Oregon, Washington and Idaho came to shoot the steel and have a good time. There were 55 total shooters with various classes and ages from Junior to Super-Senior.

The Spokane Practical Pistol League that puts on this match each year does a great job. Saturday started with a Shooters Meeting and signing up in a squad of 8 people. Seven different stages were set up and you rotated to each stage until you shot all seven. It was organized and run smoothly with everyone finishing up around 3pm.

"Evil Al" tearin' 'em up!

While we waited for the score sheets to be calculated, prizes were given out to all shooters many that were donated by the different sponsors. These prizes included a tumbler, lots of ammo, pouches, gift certificates, shirts and hats. The big prize that went to the first number drawn was to one of our group from Western Washington and was an AR-15 in .223 caliber. After all the prizes were handed out, the plaques were given to the winners of the match.

Al, Kim, and Robin with their award plaques.

The three that came from Western Washington all placed.

Robin Taylor 1st in Limited Class
Kim Gorham 1st in Women's Class
Al Lindell 2nd in Revolver Class

Sunday featured a Man-on-Man shoot-off with various scenarios, one including a can of pop! It was a triple elimination which gave everyone plenty of shooting. The ending matches were very close with some fast shooting.

It was a great match with everyone leaving with a smile on their face. What a way to spend a weekend!!! It's drag racing with a handgun.

Thanks To Rainey for taking the pictures and writing up the story. You too are now a blogger!


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