Tuesday, October 18, 2005

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Here’s the dealio: On the morning of Sunday October 30th, Mr. Completely and I are going to meet up at the Central Whidbey Sportsman’s Association to go shooting and each of us will be bringing some pumpkins to shoot.

And we would like to invite any and all who would like to join us to do so.

This will be a BYOPumpkins event and we will have the use of an up to 50yd pistol range and an up to 200yd rifle range available for the shooting of pumpkins. After the pumpkins have all been turned to goo, we will also have the Bowling Pin range available to us for some friendly blasting of bowling pins.

I will also be bringing a couple of rifles, including Barak the Boomershoot rifle, and a whole box of pool cue chalks for folks to try their hand at pounding clay. I only have a finite supply of ammo for Barak though, so I will have to limit the number of rounds per shooter depending on attendance. If you want some extended time with Barak and the cue chalk, let me know and we’ll discuss the best ammo for success.

Of course, all of my firearms will be available to shoot as I suspect will be the case for Mr. Completely and most other folks in attendance.

Here is the pretty squared away schedule of events:

We’ll be meeting for breakfast at 1000 at ‘The Clover Patch’ on the island

At 1130 we’ll be leaving for the range (arriving there around noon)

After arriving at the range we’ll shoot until either we run out of ammo, we run out of pumpkins and pins, it gets dark or our trigger fingers give out, which ever comes first.

It can be safely assumed that the last two are probably going to be the most likely.

Now, since Whidbey Island is only accessible from the south via ferry boat, we/you/us may want to consider carpooling to save some scrilla.

If you have any questions about the goings on, car pooling or where to buy cheap pumpkins, please contact me or Mr. Completely.

In fact, just so that we know how many folks are coming, please contact one of us if you would like to join in the fun.

The directions are easy enough from the CWSA website, but there is a signing in/signing out issue to deal with.

The first disclaimer: There is no jacketed ammo allowed on the Pin Range. Hollowpoints, lead and coated lead projectiles are OK, but no jacketed ammo (bouncebacks suck).

The real disclaimer: This is by no means an event sponsored or sanctioned by either myself, Mr. Completely or the CWSA. This is just a couple of guys getting together for some fun and inviting our extend group of pals to join us. If you screw up and hurt yourself, consider yourself an official dumbass because none of us will be or can be held liable for it. I don’t know how far away the nearest emergency room is, but Whidbey is a pretty rural community and I suspect that unless it is just a grazing wound, you’ll be pretty screwed and I’m not above a burial at sea off the side of a ferry boat.

If you are unsafe with your handling firearms, you will be warned to the point of public shaming on your first offense. If you stick around for your second offense you will earn a chance to be disarmed and shamed by me. If you don’t get the hint from your firearm sticking out of your ass and leave quietly and at your own volition, living burial at sea may follow. There will be no exceptions made on the issue of firearms safety. I’d kick my own mother off a range for being unsafe.

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Actually, there’s a hospital only a couple of miles away, but it’s simpler just to shoot the idiots and toss their bodies over the berm.

At least, that’s what we usually do……

……Mr. C.


At Tuesday, October 18, 2005 3:57:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lemme get this straight: there's going to be pin shooting, unorganized shooting on the pistol range, and unorganized shooting on the rifle ranges?

Does Barak the BoomerRifle shoot 7.62 NATO?, of so, I have a goodly supply of the fine Aussie 147gr Ball.

I plan to bring my CETME/HK-91 for those who want to try a Full Size battle rifle, probably my Enfield No.4Mk1, for those sentimental for an old boltie, and Shorty, the Marlin 1894C, with lots of good .38 to blow down range. I'm debating whether to bring other S.H.T.F. carbines. I'm going to bring my Ithaca M37 and a variety of 12 ga ammo to test the hulls of pumpkins with.

At Tuesday, October 18, 2005 7:47:00 PM, Blogger Dutch Expat said...

That sounds like fun! Too bad you are thousands of miles away.....

BTW, shooting at golf balls and tennis balls can also be great fun.


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