Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Magnum Shooters Supply Stuff

(Yeah, I know this is sort of an ad for my new business, but it's what I've been doing lately instead of blogging.)

Magnum Shooters Supply news: I have now received shipping confirmation of the first stocking order of Pro Ears hearing protectors and accessories. They are scheduled to arrive on January 21st. With that in mind, I will be extending the Pro Ears sale pricing until Feb. 21st.

Here's the deal: Pro Ears has a Minimum Advertised Price requirement for their dealers, and dealers cannot advertise Pro Ears products below that price. If you do, you run a good chance of becoming an "EX" dealer. This way, dealers large and small will all have a chance to advertise sale prices, but the big boys aren't allowed to run huge loss leader pricing and make it impossible for the little guys to stay in business.

I have set the sale price for all of the Pro Ears Electronic Hearing Protectors at four cents over the Minimum! On top of that, I am also paying the freight to get them to your door!

Yes, this is a limited time offer and all that, but if you want to get what I consider to be the best hearing protectors out there for the shooting sports, now's your chance. I've been using the Pro Ears  Dimension Plus hearing protectors for several years, and they have been excellent. I am going to replace them with the new Pro Ears Pro Slim model, which is the same basic "Ears" but with the improved dynamic sound compression.

If you shoot a lot of large caliber stuff, or shoot indoors a lot, the Pro Ears Pro Mag Gold, with the NRR of 33 is the way to go. If you shoot outdoors, IPSC, IDPA, Steel, and like that, the Pro Ears Pro Slim with a NRR of 28, more compact, and lighter, is the one for you.

Go to Magnum Shooters Supply and check them out.

This offer ends on February 21st., so you may want to put your order in right away. I've talked to Pro Ears, and they will ship direct if I run out, so you won't get held up with a long delay before you get your new Pro Ears hearing protectors.



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