Monday, January 03, 2011

The Latest from Castle Completely

Well, Magnums Shooters Supply is now online and functional. We don't have much for products in stock yet, but the Pro Ears hearing protectors should be here either Friday of Monday. Pro Ears has a MAP "Minimum Advertised Price" policy, and I've got the prices on the four most popular hearing protectors at four cents over the MAP price, and I'm shipping them freight free to boot. This will only continue through the end of the month, though.

Hopefully the first shipment of OKO sights will get here in the next few weeks. The OKO sights are sort of the "Flagship" product for the store, at least for now.

It's been a lot of work so far putting it all together, but it's looking OK I think. 

I just got the schedule for the Kitsap Rifle & Revolver Club's steel matches for the next year, and it looks really good. There will be four full Steel Challenge matches, seven Fun Steel matches, and one GSSF Glock match. On July 9th. they will be putting o n the First Annual Kitsap Regional Steel Championship. That should be fun! I won't be able to get to all of the matches, but I should be there for most.I guess I better get out to the range and start practicing!

See you at the range...........


At Tuesday, January 04, 2011 9:57:00 AM, Blogger Dan Hall said...

Great news, congrats on the launch!

Dan Hall


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