Monday, May 17, 2010

Getting Home, Maybe?

That large terrestrial zit in Iceland has farted again and yesterday's flight from Amsterdam to Seattle was canceled, leaving most likely several hundred passengers stuck in Amsterdam and hoping to get on to Tuesday's flight, which is the flight we are scheduled to return on to Seattle. I have no idea just how Delta/KLM/Northworst will handle this. If they claim it is an act of God that they cannot fly the trip they may be able to avoid any compensation with our extra (and significant) expenses of staying longer and catching a later flight. However, the volcano is not really keeping them from making the flight, it is only keeping them from flying on the shortest route, so they would have higher fuel cost and flight times. To make it even more interesting, the Delta/KLM/Northworst online flight check in system is not working, and you cannot check in by telephone, only on line or at the airport. When I was out of town did our Govmt. take over the airlines and put the Post Office in charge? It kinda looks like it.However it plays out, the 36 to 48 hours are probably going to be really interesting.

For the time being there are still a large number of un-roped goats and clusters seeking intimate companionship.......

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At Tuesday, May 18, 2010 12:15:00 AM, Blogger Ravhin said...

The flight for Tuesday is appriatly scheduled though... you're scheduled for daperture at 10:05 with no remarks. Good luck!


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