Monday, May 17, 2010

European Steel Challenge - Y E S ! ! !

The 2010 European Steel Challenge Championships are now history, and what a match it was! For three days it was one large extended family sharing our love and appreciation for shooting and shooting sports. Everyone was just amazingly great, fun, funny, and we were all sad when it was all over and it was time to head home. Hans  and Jolanda Wigger, the match director and Directoress (?) did a fantastic job running one of the best organized matches I have ever attended. KeeWee and I met, or "re-met" so many nice folks it was almost impossible to keep track of everyone's names, and being as at the moment my brain is only slightly engaged, I'm sure I will accidentally leave out a number of names. First we want to thank Hans and Jolanda for being the driving force that without their efforts, the match would not have happened. Bas Limmen, computer guy, shooter, who met us at the airport and drove us to Winterswijk, (and who in a previous life may have been Juan Manuel Fangio), who headed up all of the scoring for the match, was fantastic and we really are thankful for all of his help. Chris Rutgers, once again was a delight, being either totally crazy in a nice way, or totally nice in a crazy way, I'm not sure which. I'll try to mention everyone later, but for now here's a few pictures and some highlights. BTW, most of the pictures were by KeeWee.

Hans Wigger with the "Man of Steel" Shirt we brought over for him. It was a surprise, and we gave it to him at the Awards ceremony.

Saul Kirsch, the Open Class and Overall winner of ESC10.

The Rimfire Team Winners.From left to right, Karin, Marcel,Jan, Herman, Harry and son, Hans, some derelict from the US that wandered onto the platform, and Peter. The last three on the right are "Team Dragonball"
(names from memory, there are probably mistreakes....)

Team "Dragonball's" 3rd. Place Medal for the Rimfire Team competition.

Even though I shot like a sleep-walking zombie at times, Hans' time of approximately 68 seconds, my time of a bit over 72 seconds, and Peter's time of around 77 seconds was good enough for "Team Dragonball" to take third place in the Rimfire team competition. Hans and Peter are Seniors, and I are all Seniors!

That's about all I've got time to blog for now, but more later.......



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