Friday, May 11, 2007

Shooting at KRRC Tomorrow - WHEEEEE ! ! !

Tomorrow morning at an hour people should still be sound asleep, KeeWee, LouG, and I will be off to the Kitsap Rifle and Revolver Club for another one of their "Fun Steel" handgun matches.

Kitsap, in no small part because of match Director JohnD, shoots a fun steel match once a month, and remembers that these matches are supposed to be fun. John usually sets up some creative and challenging stages, yet keeps them easy enough that even novice shooters will enjoy themselves. After all, it's your day off, it's not the nationals, you aren't getting paid to be there, you really ARE supposed to be enjoying the day of shooting and the fellowship of other shooters. I feel kinda sorry for some of the folks I see at other matches who are taking the match, and themselves, so seriously that they really aren't enjoying the day at all. What a shame........

If you are in the Western Washington area and would enjoy shooting some steel, come on over to the KRRC range tomorrow, Saturday 5/12/2007, for some fun! It all starts at 9am., and the rules and contact info can be found on the KRRC website.

Hope to see you there!!



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