Wednesday, May 09, 2007

GBR-II Who's Going To Be There!

Although next October seems like a long way off, it's time to start making your plans now to attend the 2nd. Annual Gun Blogger rendezvous.

Right off the top, though, I want to clear up a misconception about the Rendezvous. You don't have to be a Gun Blogger, or even a Blogger, for that matter, to attend. If you are a shooting sports enthusiast (gun nut?), if you READ gun blogs or Mil Blogs, or even if you've just wanted to ask for Og's autograph, or to see if JimmyB likes bacon as much as he says, here's your chance!

The Rendezvous is small, informal, and lots of fun. The best part is getting to meet and visit with a really interesting and diverse bunch of folks with a common love and enjoyment of shooting sports and firearms.

Who might you meet there? Here's a partial list of some of the folks planning to attend. If you are planning on attending, please leave a comment and I'll get you added to the list.

Fodder and the Commandress from
Ride Fast & Shoot Straight


Say Uncle

JimmyB and Mrs JimmyB from
The Conservative UAW Guy

KeeWee of
KeeWee's Corner

LouG from
Mad Gun

US Citizen from
Traction Control

Chris & Mel Byrne of
The Anarchangel

Og, the

Kevin of the
Smallest Minority

Dave Durringer from
World Examiner

Mr. Completely of
Mr. Completely

"If I Can Make It I'll be There!" List:

Joe Huffman of
The View from N. Central Idaho

Retired Geezer AKA 'Doc Peabody' &
Mrs. Geezer from
Blog Idaho

This is just the first listing and there will be more added as I get word. Joe Huffman of The View from N. Central Idaho has been pretty busy putting on the Boomershoot event, but once the gunsmoke, dust and anvils settle and the fireballs dissipate, I suspect I'll be hearing from him. I've also been in communication with a number of other bloggers who are hoping to make it to the Rendezvous, too. If you are going to try to make it, but aren't sure, let me know and I'll put you on the "If I Can Make It I'll be There!" list.

Hope YOU can be there, too!!



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