Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Wren Nest Update

How many wrens do YOU see? (Click to make it bigger!)

In a couple of previous posts I've been following the progress in a wren's nest in a cardboard box leaning against the garbage can in our carport. I was concerned at first that I might have disturbed the nest when I moved a couple of boxes, not knowing the nest was there. I carefully put everything back as close to how it was, and crossed my fingers that momma wren would return. The nest looked like it had around seven little pinkish white eggs in it. I checked it a few days later and momma was sitting on the eggs, so everything was OK. A couple of weeks later I got a picture of the nest with the just hatched chicks. Today I went out and took another picture, and you can see how they have grown. It looks like just about all the eggs hatched. In the picture above I think I can identify six little wrens. It probably won't be long now until they take to the air. Do wrens eat mosquitoes?

Sure hope so........


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