Sunday, March 04, 2007

Some Faces of Pin Shooting

Sometimes the pictures speak louder than words. Last Saturday a few of us gathered at the CWSA Pin Range for a little last minute pin practice, load testing, joke telling, story swapping, and all the rest of the usual stuff that transpires when a bunch of friends gather at the range. Here's a few pictures from the get-together. Be sure to click on each to make them full sized.

Glenn tries out the Taurus PT92 Econo Race Gun, with good results.

Mark demonstrates that sheer will-power and determination may just give him an edge!

Lisa: "This isn't that hard, in fact, it's fun and easy!"
Mark: "Crap! She's kicking my butt........."

We all had a fun time getting in a little shooting. I got to sight in a friend's Ruger Super Red Hawk .454 Casull for him. We used relatively mild loads in it for the pin shooting, but just to see how it would move a pin I tried a couple of full house hunting loads. WOW! After three rounds fired I could see that .454 Casull hot loads can get to be "Not Fun" very quickly.....

Next Saturday is the first CWSA pin shoot of the year, and I am SO not ready. Evil Al usually clobbers me anyway, but I like to try to at least make him work for it! Rainy, KeeWee, JimP, and Lou are all getting faster and faster, and I don't seem to be improving nearly as fast as they all are.

This should be an interesting season coming up...............



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