Friday, August 18, 2006

A Way Too Short Break......

KeeWee and I took off Wednesday evening for the Olympic Peninsula, looking for a quiet spot in a remote campground to take a little break. I knew of a campground on the Dungeness river right at the base of the Olympic mountains. I hadn't been there recently, and it was getting dark, but I managed to find it without too much trouble.

The next morning we wandered around a bit and took some pictures. Here's our campsite: The river is perhaps 100 feet past the picnic table behind the trees.

Our Campsite.

The Dungeness River.

Another fork of the same river.

A short ways upstream from the campground we saw several salmon, probably Coho's, heading upstream to spawn.

Three Coho salmon headed upstream.

You can keep your fancy-shmancy French cuisine. THIS is REAL gourmet food, as American as it gets!! Alder coals on a bed of Douglas Fir coals.

After hanging around the campground for two nights and one full day, we decided to start heading back. We went out and explored some of the mountain one lane roads, and the scenery was worth the drive.

One of the mountain roads.

Pictures just don't do the scenery justice!

After wandering around the hills for a while, we finally found our way back down to the paved roads, then picked up Highway 101 and headed back to Port Townsend where we could catch the ferry back to Whidbey Island.

Just as we were entering Port Townsend KeeWee spotted the Dollar store, so we stopped to check it out. As usual, KeeWee found some bargains. From the dollar store it was a short drive to the ferry dock, then a 30 minute ferry ride back to Whidbey, and then another twenty minutes or so back to Completely Castle by 2:30pm.

It went by WAY to fast...........

NOTE: For more pictures and descriptions of the outing, check out the story at KeeWee's Corner.


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Dogs on a stick!

Not to be confused with snakes on a plane...


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