Saturday, July 15, 2006

CWSA Hanging Plate Report 07/15/06

Today's weather was just perfect for a hanging plate match. Not too hot, blue sky, sunshine, just the kind of day you would want to spend at the range!

KeeWee and I showed up a little bit early in case a hand was needed, but everything was well under control. For what ever reason, the turnout was really small today, which was a shame with it being such a beautiful day!

Evil Al and Rainey are off to Montrose, Colorado for the STI/World Handgunner Championships. If you are at the Montrose shoot and you see a tall guy with a white ponytail shooting a revolver, go ask him if he's the famous "Evil Al" from Whidbey Island! It'll make his day! I don't know where JimP was, but I suspect he just slept in, as he's prone to do. Not having Jim at a shoot to pick on just isn't right! Phil and his dog Jake made up for it, however. (Jake's the good-looking one).

KeeWee and I were both a bit rusty, not having fired a shot in about three weeks, since we were up in Alaska fishing and goofing off. KeeWee is finally getting the new High Standard Sharpshooter figured out, and shot the best she's ever done with it at a plate shoot, ending up second in the optical sight class.

The highlight of the CWSA plate shoots isn't so much the shooting, although that's a part of it, but rather, it's the chance to sit around with a bunch of friends and talk over the topics of the day, the news, guns, bad jokes, and so forth, not to mention the good natured picking on each other that's become an integral part of our plate and pin shoots.

Some folks take club level competition way to seriously, and end up missing out on the fun. That's kinda sad....

After the plate shoot LouG asked me if I was going to shoot the Handgun Silhouette match tomorrow. Shooting a rimfire bowling pin race gun with a red dot sight against the trick Thompson Contenders with scopes is giving up a lot, but who cares!

"You bet, Lou, I'll be there!"


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