Friday, July 14, 2006

Juneau Trip Pictures - Part I

I have finally got my eyeballs more or less re-focused after a long day and not enough sleep, so here's the first batch of pictures from Expedition Juneau '06.

We started out journey in this Cessna Turbo Caravan belonging to Kenmore Air. It carries 9 passengers in amazing comfort, considering the overall size of the airplane. It cruises at 190 kts, which isn't too shabby either. When I win the lottery I might just buy one of these for the fun of it!

This is looking East across Useless Bay on Whidbey Island. In the distance is Cascade Moutain range. If you look really close you can see my place. It's the one just in front of the red barn.

Our path took us right down Seattle's shore line at 24oo feet. It was a little hazy, but still quite a view. You can see Seattle's trademark Space Needle, and upper right you can see the stadiums where the Seahawks and Mariners play. In the distance you can see Lake Washington. In the upper right hand corner, partially obscured by clouds, you can see Mount Rainier. Yes, it IS that big! You can click all of the pictures for a larger view.

'Coming over the fence' into Boeing Field. To the left, behind the pilot's sun visor, is a fully restored Boeing B-17 taking off. Dang visor!

A short shuttle van ride took us from Boeing Field to SeaTac Internatioal where we boarded a Boeing 737-400 for Juneau. It wasn't too cloudy, and the scenery was like this all the way to Jueau.

Once we got close to Juneau we decended below the tops of the mountains on either side of Gastineau channel between Douglas Island and the mainland. That's not an illusion, you really DO fly that close to the mountains.

As we taxied towards the terminal the Mendenhall glacier is visible behind the airport and a bit up the valley. Not a lot of flat land hereabouts!

Part II will be posted in a day or so.......


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