Wednesday, June 14, 2006

e-Postal Match Reminder!

Here's the target for the "Flyswatter II" match. All you have to do is shoot the flies. It's harder than it looks!

Just a reminder about the e-Postal matches currently underway. They both close on Monday, the 26th., so if you can only get to the range on the weekends, you only have two weekends left to get your targets shot and entered.

The number of entries has been quite small for the last couple of e-Postal matches, so this may be the last two e-Postal matches. Only having one or two entries in a class is just not enough to justify continuing the matches.

So grab your rifles, pistols, air guns, evil assault rifles, potato guns, or whatever you've got and head out to the range and empty some brass!

You needed a good excuse for a range trip anyway, right?


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