Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New NASCAR Rules

For those of you NASCAR fans, and I know there are a lot of you out there, here's some hot-breaking NASCAR news.

The Liberals in Washington D.C. have recommended some changes in the NASCAR rules for the upcoming season, as follows:

1. The drivers would not be allowed to travel faster than the speed limit of 60 miles per hour. It's unsafe to go faster than the speed limit.

2. No one may come in first. It's not nice to win.

3. Only electric powered or bio-diesel powered vehicles could race. Gas powered vehicles are environmentally unfriendly.

4. No drivers nor their pit crews may smoke within 25 feet of the race cars' windows. We cannot allow any smoking related illnesses to arise at a state subsidized facility.

5. Any driver who attempts to come in first across the finish line will be labeled a white imperialist and sent to sensitivity class. Unless he/she is a minority, in which case the government will demand a first place finish.

6. The track must be a perfect circle rather than an oval to reflect the chain of command in a Democratic government.

I DO hope this is a joke............


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