Wednesday, July 06, 2005

IPSC Single Stack Match this weekend

Jerrythegeek has a good post up about his preparation and equipment tinkering for an IPSC single stack match in Oregon this weekend. The whole story is here.

Go wish him luck!!


At Wednesday, July 06, 2005 10:49:00 PM, Blogger Jerry The Geek said...

I was sorta hoping that this one would sneak in under the wire, and nobody would notice it. I mean, how many times are blogposts written, published, and just ... [plop!] like a hatful of dispeptic cow poop? Far too often, but yesterday I was counting on anonymity. Well, if not anonymity, at least a very low profile.

Okay, okay, (as My Cousin Vinny would say), I can work with this.

Next stop: The Carnival of Cordite.

It's all your fault that the WORLD will learn of my disgraceful performance next weekend.

PS: tune in ... I'll have pictures!

At Thursday, July 07, 2005 9:10:00 AM, Blogger Mr. Completely said...

There's no disgrace in trying hard and doing your best, even if you don't end up winning.

That being said, if you get your butt kicked.........


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