Friday, February 18, 2011

My 2011 Match Schedule

I finally got around to putting together my match schedule for 2011. Not everything is on the list as some dates have not been set. There are also some dates listed that are matches that will be upgraded to club or regional championships, but I haven't got that information yet. I may not be able to attend all of the matches shown, primarily for financial reasons, but I plan to get to most of them if I possibly can.

It looks like I better stock up on a lot of ammo, as I'm going to be busy!

Feb. 20th      Paul Bunyan Fun Steel
March 5th     Yakima Steel Challenge
March 12th    KRRC Fun Steel
March 20th    Paul Bunyan Fun Steel
April 2nd       Yakima Steel Challenge
April 3rd        Holmes Harbor Fast Draw
April 9th        KRRC Steel Challenge
April 17th      Paul Bunyan Fun Steel
May 1st         Oregon Man of Steel Championships
May 7th         Yakima Steel Challenge
May 14th       KRRC Fun Steel
May 14th       Washington SCSA Championships
May 15th       Paul Bunyan Fun Steel
June 3,4,5      European Steel Challenge championships
June 11th       KRRC Fun Steel
June 18th       Steel Challenge Regional – Piru
June 19th       Paul Bunyan Fun Steel
July 2nd        Yakima Steel Challenge
July 9th         KRRC SCSA & Club Team Championships
July 16-17th Wyoming SCSA State Championships
July 17th       Paul Bunyan Fun Steel
Aug. 6th       Yakima Steel Challenge
Aug. 13th      KRRC Fun Steel
Aug. 17-20   SCSA World Championships Piru   
Aug. 21st      Paul Bunyan Fun Steel
Sept. 3rd      Yakima Steel Challenge
Sept 8-11     Gun Blogger Rendezvous – Reno
Sept 18th      Paul Bunyan Fun Steel
Oct. 1st        Yakima Steel Challenge
Oct 8th         KRRC Steel Challenge
Oct. 16th      Paul Bunyan Fun Steel
Nov. 5th       Yakima Steel Challenge
No. 12th       KRRC Fun Steel
Nov. 20th     Paul Bunyan Fun Steel
Dec. 3rd      Yakima Steel Challenge
Dec. 10th     KRRC Fun Steel
Dec. 18th     Paul Bunyan Fun Steel


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