Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lost highway by Hank Williams

Some of you are probably not going to enjoy this song as it's not at all like a lot of today's music. Not only that, but you can actually hear the words! Furthermore, it doesn't require 1,000 watts of power driving the bass to make it sound like it should.

I guess those people back then just didn't understand music.......



At Sunday, January 30, 2011 7:04:00 PM, Blogger TrueBlueSam said...

Bea's brother Chuck had a job that took him overseas, and because of that we had his early LP's to listen to when I was a kid. We had Flatt and Scruggs, and some Hank Williams records that I played to death. Those records and my old 78's gave me a demented musical appetite that mostly excludes popular songs from my growing up years; but I do sort of like Simon and Garfunkel.


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