Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Misc. News, & etc.....

Wow, lots of stuff going on right now! A lot of it isn't ready for publication yet, as details still need to be sorted out. On Sunday I got a chance to get in a little shooting with Tim from Edmonds, though, and we had a great time. Tim follows the blog, and he emailed me about getting into steel shooting. I invited him over to a little practice on steel, and to become familiar with the range commands he'd hear at a match. Tim is already a very good shooter with competition experience in other disciplines, but wanted to get into some steel shooting. We shot several hundred rounds of rimfire each, and even the rain cooperated and allowed us to shoot without getting soaked!

After a few hours of ringing the steel KeeWee joined us and we headed over to Holmes Harbor Rod & Gun club for lunch. We had a good lunch and a lot of visiting before it was time for Tim to head back to Edmonds.

We are planning on making it to the Kitsap Rifle & Revolver Club's Fun Steel match on Feb. 12th. Let's hope we get some cooperation from the weather!

If all goes well and we can get everything arranged, I may be getting a Tanfoglio Gold Team 9mm. race gun for steel shooting. The cost of a competitive centerfire race gun is one of the main reasons I've been shooting only rimfire for the last few years. If everything comes together, there is a used Tanfoglio 9mm. Gold Team in Holland that needs some work. The head of Tanfoglio's warranty and service department will do the repairs and refurbishing. He is a master gunsmith and a master craftsman. I have seen some of his work, and he raises gun-smithing to an art form! The paperwork will take some pencil-pushing, but in Holland they have to get an export permit approved, and I have to get an Import Permit approved by Customs here in the US. Then it can be shipped directly to my FFL dealer to transfer it to me. I suspect this will all take some time, but eventually it should get here, and I can start shooting in Open class. If anyone knows of a good deal on a used left-handed holster such as a CR or a Double Alpha, let me know. Since Steel Challenge in center fire requires a holster, I'm going to need to pick one up. I hope I can find a good used one somewhere.

That's about all going on over here, but more stuff is about to happen, so stay tuned...........


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