Saturday, March 06, 2010

Speaking of e-Postal Matches

It seems like a lot of the other gun bloggers are doing a fine job of covering the high profile "In The News" gun issues of the day including McDonald, Starbucks, and a bunch of other stuff. I've been really busy trying to get other stuff done, and most of those bloggers are much better writers and deeper thinkers than I am, so you aren't missing much anyhow. However, in the wild and wacky world of Internet e-Postal matches, lots of good things are happening. Our Mr. Completely's e-Postal Match series is all "Hosted Up" through November, as you read in a precious post. Cheaper Than Dirt is also running an all season long "Zombie Blaster" e-Postal match as I mentioned in the post below.

A new e-Postal match series, promising one match a month, is up and running under the banner of "Nashville Online Handgun Postal Match". The rules are along the lines of the Mr. Completely rules, so you should feel right at home. This month's match has a St. Patrick's Day theme, so go check it out!!

There are also some other handgun postal matches going on from time to time, and our good friend Merle, regular e-Postal match shooter, has just wrapped up an e-postal match over at the Ruger forum.

As I check out some of the other postal matches, I'll get more info up here for you all.

Most of all ,though, don't forget to get out and shoot this month's e-Postal match "Seein' Stars", hosted right here, kicking off this year's Mr. Completely series. Don't forget, every entry in this month's e-Postal match "Seein' Stars" gets you into the random drawing for the fifty dollar gift certificate from Cheaper Than Dirt. Since the drawing is random, your score has no effect on your chances to win the gift certificate, so why not shoot every handgun you've got and up your odds of winning?



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