Thursday, April 16, 2009

Looks Like We're Gonna Be a Mite Busy......

Boy, does it ever look like a busy weekend, and a busy Summer coming up! Tomorrow morning I'm off to the dentist for some more repair work. Tomorrow afternoon a couple of us are setting up a display for our fishing club at the local Senior Center. The display is part of the club's "Fishing 101" class we are putting on all day Saturday. We will be having presentations on introductory salt water and fresh water salmon and trout fishing. I will be doing a presentation on what I call "Blue Collar" fly fishing, where I explain fun and economical fly fishing for the every day fisherman.

After the Fishing 101 class is over and everything is put back into storage, I hope to still have a little daylight left for some steel shooting practice. (I should put together a post on practicing, since just going to the range and shooting, and practicing are definitely not the same thing.) Sunday morning bright and early KeeWee and I are off to the Paul Bunyan range in Puyallup for another one of Will's great fun steel matches.

Looking at the calendar I see that there are only four steel matches before we leave for Holland and the European Steel Challenge Championships, and I am definitely not ready. I'm still not up to where I was at last Fall before I got sick. It looks like practicing every day for the next month is in order! When we return from Holland it's only eleven days until the Washington State Steel Challenge Championships in Ephrata. The next weekend the guns get put away and we are off to Banks Lake in Eastern Washington for a weekend of sunshine, fishing, and kicking back with our fishing club.

At the end of June we start up our Cowboy Fast Draw matches at Holmes Harbor Rod & Gun Club. July is fairly quiet with only a few club matches at Kitsap and Paul Bunyan, then the last weekend of July we are off to Coeur d' Alene, Idaho for the big Eddie Brown Memorial Steel match on Saturday, then from there to Missoula, Montana for the Montana Shooting Sports Association's Bowling Pin Shoot.

Mid-August is the Steel Challenge World Championships in Piru (near Valencia) California. At the end of August is the KRRC Glock match, and then in mid-September is the Gun Blogger Rendezvous in Reno. Then a few club matches and Cowboy fast Draw matches to round it all out.....

It's gonna be fun!!

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At Monday, December 14, 2009 4:59:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why do you say "mite busy"? Are you an old man?


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