Monday, May 26, 2008

USPSA Area 8 Championships In The News

It's always nice when an article favorable to the shooting sports appears in the media. The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review ran this story on the USPSA Area 8 Championships in the Sunday edition of their paper. The match was held in Alverton, PA which is outside Pittsburgh.

Bob Frye was the author, and I sent him this email:

Just a quick note to thank you for writing an excellent article about the USPSA pistol match. It's refreshing to read an article about shooting sports where the author sticks to writing news, rather than using the subject of the article as a springboard to turn the article into an editorial pushing the author's particular views. There is a big difference between news and editorials, but many journalists today seem to have lost that distinction. Keep up the good work!


Mr. Completely
(Shooting Sports Blog)

Go check out his article, and if you like it, send him an email and let him know. His email address is

Thanks to Bitter and Paul for sending me the info on the story.


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