Wednesday, May 07, 2008

.....Best laid plans

As usual, plans didn't quite go the way I had it figured. I was hoping to get a big post, or perhaps two posts put together on the Oregon Man of Steel match I attended last Sunday. Monday I was pretty much worn out/road weary, and all that got done was whatever absolutely HAD to get done. Monday night Wayne, my friend in the earth moving and landscaping business telephoned and the dozer, backhoe, and excavator were all available on Tuesday to finish up the "Tennis Court" next to my house. Most of his equipment is usually parked here at my place anyway, so it didn't have to be moved in.

We decided to lower the "floor" of the bay another foot or so and raise the berms a bit at the same time. We also decided to wrap the rearmost berm around the side a bit so the side and rearmost berms overlapped, leaving a narrow roadway between them to enter the bay. My main job was to hold the surveying elevation stick and move around the area getting the floor flat and to exact grade.

That's what I spent most of yesterday morning doing, so not much blogging was done. I did start going through all of the pictures and video from the Man of Steel, though, and it looks like KeeWee got lots of good ones.

Maybe I'll get some of them posted later today, but unfortunately "W-O-R-K" has reared it's ugly head, so that will keep me busy for a good part of today.

More later..........................


At Wednesday, May 07, 2008 8:10:00 PM, Anonymous Arctic Fox said...

Mr.C Why do you need berms on a tennis court? Hum?


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