Sunday, May 11, 2008

Man of Steel Videos - Part 2

Thanks to Keewee's camera work, here's three more videos from the Man of Steel match held just South of Portland, in Sherwood, Oregon.

Jeff shot solid runs all day, making very few mistakes. (Won't say a word about that one stop plate, though!!) Jeff was the overall winner of the Rimfire Optic class.

These three 6" by 11" plates correspond to "A" zone hits in USPSA/IPSC competition. There is no stop plate, but you must shoot each plate twice.

This stage is called "Ryan's Speed", and it was a lot harder than it looked. The first plate (extreme left) had to be shot first, then the middle plate shot three times, then the extreme right plate (not shown in the video) was shot last. It was very difficult to get a smooth tempo going as the plates were three different sizes, the spacing and distances varied, and the "Triple Tap" in the middle really messed up your rhythm.

Although these stages were challenging, they were also great fun and they made you concentrate on skills you don't usually use in a regular Steel Challenge match.

Congratulations to all the winners, and a big "Thank You" to Nick, Ryan, and all the other folks that worked so hard to put on a first class match.

Well Done!

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