Friday, May 30, 2008

NW Regional Steel Challenge Championships

When I was at the Man of Steel match a few weeks ago word was going around that there was going to be a Pacific Northwest Regional Steel Challenge Championship in September in Albany, Oregon. Initially there wasn't much info beyond that, except that it was going to be Late September. Aster a few phone calls, I now have some of the basic information on the match. Other than the dates, the rest of the match is still in the planning stage, so some of this information is subject to change.

The match will be held on September 26th, 27th, and 28th at the Albany Rifle and Pistol range in Albany, Oregon. The primary sponsor will be Smith & Wesson. The 2007 Steel Challenge rulebook (the most recent rulebook) will be the governing rule set. It will be eight stages, as found in the 2007 rule book. Classes will include rimfire optic, rimfire iron sight, centerfire optic, and centerfire iron sight. Since S&W are sponsoring, I would expect optic and iron sight revolver too, but I don't know that for sure. Single action revolver may also be included, but that decision has not yet been made.

I suspect that since Smith & Wesson are sponsoring the match, and since it's a regional championship, we may see a number of the "Big Name" shooters there, so even if you aren't going to shoot the match, it may be worth going to Albany just to watch the fast guys first hand. Believe me, it's well worth the trip!

As more information becomes available I'll get it posted here at Mr. Completely.

I'll be there!

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