Friday, December 01, 2006

e-Postal Air Pistol Match Announced

The guys over at Chicago Boyz are getting a bit restless, being as there are no e-Postal matches until Spring, so they decided to put on one of their own here! Good for them! It's for air pistols, but I wonder if they'd consider adding a .22 rimfire pistol class? I'll send them an email and ask.

Here's a complete set of their rules:

Chicago Boyz Air Pistol Match #1

This is an indoor shooting match that anyone with an air pistol may participate in. Here is how it works:

1. Download targets here. Unzip the files. (A Word file with instructions is included.) Print at least two copies of the 5 meter target, preferably on slightly heavy, cream colored, non-shiny paper.

2. Range is 5 meters (16.5 ft) from muzzle to target. Any air pistol. Any sights. Shoot one-handed from an unsupported standing position.

3. Match consists of 5 shots per bull, 20 shots per target, 40 shots total on two targets. Only the higher-scoring target counts; the scores of the lower-scoring target will be discarded.

4. You must shoot the match during one range session, and you may not take any practice shots after you have made your first shot for record.

5. When you are finished shooting, scan or photograph your targets and upload them as jpg or pdf attachments to a post on this thread. Or email them to and I will post them for you.

6. The contest ends when we decide there have been enough entries. If not many people enter we will keep it open for a while. The winner will receive tremendous recognition and praise, and perhaps a coveted Chicagoboyz Certificate of Achievement.

Let's get them some entries, what do you say?


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