Sunday, November 26, 2006

Afternoon Entertainment

It's a wet, sloppy, and miserable day outside, so Ill just have to sit inside and do some reading, I guess. Midway catalog, YEP! Sportsman's Guide, CHECK! Natchez Shooter's Supply, Right there!' Brownell's #59, Yup, that one too! That should be enough to keep me entertained for a while.

Speaking of Brownell's, all the great folks who attended the Gun Blogger Rendezvous in Reno this past October took up a collection and bought KeeWee and I a Brownell's gift certificate for two hundred bucks! We both owe a HUGE "THANK YOU" to all of the great bloggers and shooters who showed up in Reno to make it such a success! Got to admit that those folks are a lot of things, including eccentric as all get out, but they're ceertainly not cheap!

I guess I could spend the afternoon making up my shopping list for Brownells. Let's see, a scope mount for my new "Pin Cannon", some grip screws for the Sig P-220, another magazine for the Taurus PT92 Econo Race Gun, another High Standard barrel stud, a good dovetail cutter for cutting sight dovetails, maybe another magazine for KeeWee's High Standard. Maybe some grip panels for the Makarov? Decisions, decisions......

Oh well, someone's got to do it, I guess!


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