Thursday, November 09, 2006

Tacoma Narrows Bridge Construction

I got these pictures in an email from MaryS, and to call these spectacular is an understatement! This bridge is being constructed near Tacoma, Washington, across the Tacoma Narrows. The bridge is being built next to the existing bridge to allow for higher traffic volumes.

The tops of both bridges poking through the clouds, with Mount Rainier in the background.

The Tacoma Narrows fills in with fog, just like a river valley.

Looking down on the clouds.

Without the fog, WAY up in the air!

I don't think I'd be too comfortable on those catwalks, not by a long shot!

Another beautiful picture, with Mount Rainier in the distance.

Unfortunately, like a lot of pictures floating around the Internet, the name of the original photographer is unknown. An Internet search failed to turn up the photographer's name.

If you know who took these beautiful pictures, please leave a comment below, so I can give proper credit where a lot of credit is due!


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