Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Gun Blogger Rendezvous News

Hi- Point C-9 --- Win Me!

More details are falling into place for the Reno Gun Blogger Rendezvous. At the Saturday night banquet we will be having both a door prize drawing, and a fund-raising drawing. The fund raiser will work like this: There will be 52 unmarked white envelopes. Inside each envelope will be a single playing card. You buy the envelopes for ten bucks a piece, as many as you want. Charles Brown, head honcho at Hi-Point has also randomly selected three cards and put each of them into individual sealed envelopes. The envelopes are marked 1st., 2nd., and 3rd. Once all 52 cards have been sold, we will open the three envelopes. If your card matches the one marked as 3rd, you win a $50.00 gift certificate from Natchez Shooter's Supply. If your card matches the card in the envelope marked as 2nd., you win a beautiful leather range bag from Brownell's.

If you are the lucky person holding the card that matches the card in the 1st. prize envelope, you win a brand new Hi-Point 9mm. pistol from MKS Supply and Hi-Point! Please note that if you are not legally allowed to own a handgun, you should not enter, as we won't give it to you! The Hi Point pistol will not be at the Rendezvous, and you will need to have your favorite FFL holder contact Hi Point to arrange the transfer. We'll help you with those details, so not to worry!

After the main drawing, we will then draw from a list of those attending the Rendezvous for the remaining door prizes. There will be gift certificates, hats, shirts, and more from Remington, Nosler, MidwayUSA, and Master Blaster Bullets, so there will be a good chance that everyone will win something. The first 30 attendees will also get a free small bottle of Brownell's new Friction Fighter gun oil!

Arrangements are underway for transportation to and from the range on Saturday for a day of shooting. We will be renting a vehicle of appropriate size for the range run, and the cost will be split up amongst the riders.

If you are thinking about going,there is still time to get registered, but you need to get going right away so you don't miss out! Email me at:

b l o g (at) w h i d b e y (dot) c o m

and I'll fill you in on what you need to get registered.



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