Saturday, April 15, 2006

Mexican Products Boycott

On May 1st, supporters of illegal immigration are planning a May 1st. boycott of all American owned companies and American produced products.

They're calling it "Nothing Gringo". (May Day, how appropriate, although April 1st. would be even more appropriate!)

From this CNN News Article: Mexican unions, political and community groups, newspaper columnists and even some Mexican government offices have joined the call in recent days.
Roberto Vigil of the California-based immigrants rights group Hermandad Mexicana said his group has asked some of Mexico's largest labor unions to back the protest. Elias Bermudez, president of the Phoenix-based Immigrants Without Borders, is actively promoting the boycott in interviews with Mexican radio and television stations.

Pablo Gonzalez, spokesman for one of Mexico's largest labor unions, the Federation of Revolutionary Workers and Farmers, said his organization will support a boycott against "at least four of the most important U.S. firms, among them Wal-Mart," Mexico's largest retailer.
Two other major labor groups -- the telephone workers' and auto workers' unions -- also are expected to join, Vigil said. Even parts of the Mexican government have signed onto the protest. "We are not going to be buying any products from the United States on May 1," said Lolita Parkinson, national coordinator for the National Board of State Offices on Attention for Migrants, which represents state government-run migrant aid offices.

In response, a group called Nothing Wetback, is planning to turn the tables and promote a one day boycott of all Mexican products, also on May 1st.

Nothing Wetback is asking all supporters to boycott all merchandise manufactured or assembled in Mexico. The Mexican government needs to condemn the actions of illegal immigrants and help the U.S. to secure the borders. Absent this, Nothing Wetback will continue to support a complete boycott of all Mexican exports and urge our government to impose sanctions on Mexico.

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At Sunday, April 16, 2006 12:37:00 PM, Blogger KurtP said...

Just wondering, will they be wearing their jeans and gimmie hats while boycotting?

At Tuesday, April 18, 2006 6:30:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nothing Wetback? Talk about racist. It is sad to see so many ignorant individuals that have nothing better to do than to hate and attack the little guy. First they build our house, now we kick them out! Such low IQS.

At Wednesday, April 19, 2006 9:59:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i definitly believe it is racist on both sides being that gringo comes from back in the day when the us was taking over texas and it came form the words "green go" as in green card...while "wetback" ...well we all know that one...i am part mexican and live in the US close to the mexico border,i believe that this great nation was forged exactly by immigrants and we should help form a program to avoid or deter the illegal crossing of immigrants because if we want to realize it or not this happens every single day....i say give everybody a chance...or are we afraid of a little competition at work??

At Wednesday, April 26, 2006 11:03:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are several things that are coming to the fore with this great debate. One is that there is a societal problem resting squarely on the shoulders of us gringos-the worst generation of parents (baby boomers, of which I am one I hate to admit) has produced the worst generation of children who are now reproducing and instilling the same values (or lack thereof) in their young children. What does this add up to? For one thing, no one wants to work. No one wants to even go to school. Too many times, during the school year, I go to a mall and see whole families shopping. How could this happen if at least one of the parents was working and the kids were in school? I've worked since I was about 9 yrs old. I've been out of a job for maybe a month total since (I'm 44 yrs old). My father was a lawyer but we were never given anything like a car or nice clothes (we got to wear Sears Toughskins and they got handed down...luckily I was the oldest). We didn't have any mexicans cutting our yard or scrubbing our toilets, we did it for a small allowance every week. Jobs I've had in my life include working in warehouses lifting 90lb boxes all day without the benefit of AC, working at gas stations, fast food joints, a pawn shop. I don't have a college education because it was out of the question for me financially. Conversely there's this whole generation of kids who have been given whatever they want by their nouveau riche parents who made money during the Reagan era and thought that the best thing to do was spoil their kids rotten. Not sure what anyone was expecting but look what's happened.

Furthermore, I have been somewhat of a champion of latino culture until very recently. And I mean specifically literature, music, food...and hey, even the people, real people that I met and supped with, danced with etc. So now that I see racism emanating from their quarters I have been given pause. I am sickened by this. I now realize how just the fact that I'm white and of western european descent is cause enough for them to hate me. It's funny that they even want to be living near gringos like me. I would think they would want to be as far away from my ilk as possible.

Now the reality of the situation comes to bear. We white folks in the US are really not that bad. Take away our evil corporations and corrupt politicians and we're a fairly decent bunch of people, for the most part. Don't get me wrong, I see plenty of racism from whites but we've shown more tolerance than most other countries. Then you take a country like Mexico, replete with beautiful coastlines, tons of fertile farmlands. Ostensibly a beautiful place. Yet everyone wants to leave!! And what's this virtuous, almost pious attitude that they all seem to exhibit? Does any race have a right to feel this way? Especially coming from a country so rife with corruption (and at every socio-economic level, not just the Mex-elite)? A country that contains the most-polluted city in the world (Mexico City) needs fixing, not vacating but that's the easy way out. Yet these protestors are saying that us gringos are the lazy ones.

Ah...the irony.

p.s. In the same way that I stopped shopping at the middle eastern grocery store to buy Tahini, babaganoosh etc. after 9/11, I will try in every way to prevent my dollars from getting into the hands of any latinos or benefitting them in any way, every day, not just May 5. I don't feel any hatred in my soul for them-they have plenty to spare so I'm just taking a cue from them.

At Sunday, April 30, 2006 11:55:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do not respect any people who will not fight for their country. Mexican illegal immigrants will not fight for Mexico, but are willing to come north to "take" from Americans. Pancho Villa fought for Mexico (twice) and gave the Mexican people the chance to do something with their country - they wouldn't do it. Now, the easy pickings are in America because we have so many people here that don't have the same values as our forefathers, or the guts to make logical decisions. They only want to "feel good." The attempt to label those of us who use logic as racist is the first step of someone who does not truly believe their own position; it is easy to make that statement when you have nothing else to qualify your "feel good" decisions. Answer this: if our taxes (Federal, State and Local) could be set up to separate the taxes for each individual and the individual could control where his/her taxes where used, would you as a "pro-illegal immigrant" tax payer be willing to foot the bill for illegal immigrants? How would you feel about spending up to one-half your wages to support the cost of their education, medical bills, imported crime, etc. Come on Mexicans - fight for your own country. When it becomes necessary, I'll damn sure fight for mine. And, I think it has become necessary now. Therefore, I won’t buy anything from Mexico if I can determine that fact because our Truth in Advertizing laws are so stupid. No more Mexican food, landscaping, fruits, vegatables, products or services of any kind for me. Racist? Shove it.

At Monday, May 01, 2006 7:44:00 AM, Anonymous utah border patrol said...

I wonder if the wetbacks are planning on boycotting all their freebies today free healthcare, education, etc...


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