Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Mr. "Two Clubs" Completely......

Some days seem to be just a bit bigger than the number of hours available. Last night I finally made it to one of the Central Whidbey Sportsman's Assn. meetings to re-new my dues and get my new gate and club house keys so I can get onto the range for a little shooting.

It was the usual more or less boring meeting to sit through, like just about every club I've ever been to. Fortunately it wasn't particularly long, and I got home at a reasonable time.

When I got up this morning I discovered that my reading glasses were no where to be found. I had them at the CWSA meeting, so maybe, just maybe, I dropped them in the clubhouse somewhere. I jumped into my japanese go-kart (34 mpg. and $25,000 less than a Prius) and drove the roughly 17 miles to the clubhouse. Since I now had a good key, I was able to get into the clubhouse and have a look for my glasses. Sure enough, they were on the floor next to the chair where I was sitting! How often does THAT happen?

I drove back down the island from Coupeville, and swung by the Holmes Harbor Rod & Gun Club to put in my application. HHRGC is only a few miles from Completely Castle, but I'd never joined as it was quite a bit more expensive compared to CWSA. I decided to go ahead and join up, as it would save me a lot of road miles driving back and forth to the CWSA range, particularly when I just wanted to sight something in or test something new before heading out to a match.

HHRGC also has a dining room open for afternoon and evening eating, and the prices and food are both reasonable. After getting the paperwork taken care of, I headed home to get a little work done. KeeWee was back from Dr. Bob the Dentist's place, so we decided to head back over to HHRGC for their fish and chips Tuesday special in the dining room. It was a very good meal, and KeeWee didn't have to cook for dinner, so that was appreciated too.

After returning to Castle Completely, stomach stuffed, I decided that the only rational thing to do was take a nap. (It's OK, us old folks do that!).

Got a big day on for tomorrow, with lots of work to get done, so it looks like another long day!

Now that I've got range access nearby, I've got to get back to finishing up some details and testing on the Taurus PT92 econo-racegun I'm finishing up. It sure looks good so far!


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