Tuesday, April 25, 2006

e-Postal Match "Killiards" Stuff

I've just about got all of the scores tabulated, but to make extra sure everyone's entries got in OK, here's a list of the folks who have entered so far.

  • jimmyb
  • BrianL
  • Ben
  • NateG
  • Mrs. NateG
  • BarbW
  • Not A Real Marksman
  • Ryan
  • Firehand
  • KeeWee
  • s-tay
  • Sunshine

There's a couple of you out there who have entered most of the matches, or had said you were planning to enter this one, but I haven't heard from you.

If you sent in an entry for the Killiards e-Postal match and your name is NOT on this list, email me right away so I can get you included.



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