Saturday, February 11, 2006

CWSA Pin Shoot Seminar

Got back from the CWSA pin shoot seminar a bit ago, and "Evil Al" did a fine job of introducing eight new shooters to the sport of pinshooting.

After going over the details in the clubhouse, we then retired to the pin range to give the new shooters a little live fire training. Everyone got a chance to shoot a few tables, and the weather for it was just beautiful. A couple of the other pin shoot "regulars" were also there, lending a hand and helping the new shooters.

Everyone had a lot of fun, and they're all looking forward to the first CWSA pin shoot of the year on February 26th.

After the new shooters had shot as many pins as they wanted, they packed up their gear and a few of us had a go.

It looks like "Evil Al" is even faster than he was last Fall at the end of the season. DANG!

*** M U S T ***

*** P R A C T I C E ***

*** M O R E ***


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