Saturday, February 11, 2006

A nice Thing!

Once in a while something happens that kind of renews your faith in human nature, at least a little bit.

Several days ago I received a business phone call from a potential client that was interested in some software that I have on the market. I answered her questions, and she told me that she would call me back in a couple of days, after she had given a little more thought to her software needs.

When she called the second time, I was out on a call, and she left me a voicemail asking for me to call her back at my earliest opportunity. When I got the message I carefully wrote down her phone number in my phone log, but I wasn't able to clearly understand her name.

I immediately telephoned the number, and got a recording. I left a message. I tried a few hours later, and got the same recording. I called again the next morning. Same recording. I tried again after lunch. No luck.

Shortly thereafter, my phone rang. A lady with a pleasant voice told me that I had been leaving messages on her answering machine, and that I apparently had a wrong number. She said that although it was a long distance call for her, she thought she'd give me a call and let me know, as it sounded important!

It kinda renews your faith in human nature just a little bit, doesn't it!


At Saturday, February 11, 2006 7:13:00 PM, Anonymous freddyboomboom said...

When someone calls me with a wrong number, I always ask what number they were calling. Often they are calling my number, instead of just fat fingering the phone. This usually means they were calling the guy that had my number before, or the guy gave them the wrong number, or... I started doing this after a gal I met in a club deliberately gave me a wrong number instead of telling me "no, I don't want to go out with you sometime." All I can say is she shouldn't have told me where she works, because I can be pretty obtuse sometimes...


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