Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Gunnie Awards

Countertop at Countertop Chronicles has got the ballots up and running for the Gunnie Awards. Gun Blogs seem to get left out when other blog awards are run, so Countertop set one up just for us!

Of the six award categories, Mr. Completely made the ballot in four of them!

Best Gun Pr0n

Most Educational

Best Aggregator

Best Range Reports

Each category has ten blogs on the ballot, and you rank them from first through tenth. There are a lot of really great gun blogs on there that I read regularly.

Many of those blogs have about a zillion more readers than we do, so it's important that ALL of you go over and drop in a vote for me so we can at least keep up with the big dogs!

To get to the ballots and vote, click these links and then fill in the ballots:

Best Range Reports

Best gun Pr0n

Most Educational Gun Blog

Best Aggregator

It looks like the voting software watches the IP address you come in on, and will only let you vote every several hours, so check back regularly and get your votes in. You can be sure the big dogs are going to get a TON of votes, so we need you all to vote and help us to at least have a respectable showing.

As Countertop says "Vote early, Vote often."


At Sunday, January 22, 2006 3:37:00 PM, Blogger Rivrdog said...

I guess I feel more like an artist with my blog, Mr. C, even though we exchange posts and points of view often.

An artist CREATES. A jock competes. My jock days are over. I don't compete with my writing, I offer the benefit to my readers of my life experiences, organized, logically I hope, so that others may gain benefit from them.

IMHO, there is ZERO benefit to be derived from "best blog" contests. In fact, there is a penalty to be paid: all the hoopla over the contests takes time and bandwidth from the actual business of blogging, and the GOOD purpose of blogging, which is to teach.

No offense to you, sir, but all who indulge their egos in this type of playtime are wasting the rest of our time.

There's one other thing, a bit harder to see: when a bunch of otherwise useful bloggers goes apeshit over these meaningless "contests" (which aren't contests at all, but merely one blogger assuming "He's Da Man" and has the chops to start a beauty contest), it gives our "noble" opposition on the other side of the aisle something else to try to tear us down for ("Oh, my God, they're having a CONTEST for GUN bloggers? Isn't that like having a CONTEST to decide who is THE BEST CRAZY PERSON?")

Yep, keep it mean, keep it lean and keep your head down close to the earth, not up in the clouds.

Conscience, /off


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