Saturday, March 31, 2012

More on the Dutch Shooting Sports Proposed Ban

This proposed ban will not only ban action rifle, IPSC, and IDPA type shooting, it will also ban Steel Challenge.

When you sign the petition, you enter your email, and then you will be sent a confirmation email explaining how to confirm your signature. This way they know you are who you say you are, and that your signature is valid. You MUST confirm your signature, or it does not go on the petition.

Here's the email they will send you:

Dear (Your Name),
The website is the petition "Dynamic disciplines must remain" signed from e-mail address on Sat 31 Mar 2012 9:03:03 p.m. named (Your name). Do you disagree, please ignore this email.
You can confirm your signature by clicking on this sentence. Then you arrive on a web page where you press the [confirm] can click. If you do, you can then see your signature under the petition back to the present day, provided you confirm chose a publicly visible signature. You can also decide later your name visible or invisible by again from this e-mail to that page and make your choice.
To confirm your signature you may also copy this link to a window with an internet address line: email is confidential because only (your name) with address (your email) can confirm the signing. Please send this message through and make it public with a unique link only for you. Do you share this email with others, than only the last data entered.
Tip: if you want to invite people to also sign? Then you can refer to them or standard mail request after you have confirmed through the above link. If you send yourself an invitation, then you can e-mail forwarding to others.
Note: many people find themselves months or years later as a signatory of a petition as they search with their names do. If you do not want future employers, clients or other acquaintances you can see that a certain petition supports, please check that you want to sign invisible. If you do this after your name has been visible a few weeks then it takes again a few weeks before the search engines notice this and your name to a petition does not show up in search.



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