Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Gary Shank on Top Shot

I don't usually spend much time watching the TeeVee, but I do make an exception to watch Top Shot. When I watched this season's first episode, one face looked familiar. Two years ago, Gary Shank was working as the head of the Gun Library at Cabela's in Reno, and he spent some time with the Gun Blogger rendezvous folks, showing us a bunch of cool old guns. I even bought a used High Standard pistol from him at the time. Gary also came to our Gun Blogger Rendezvous Pizza Feed and brought a bunch of neat stuff from Cabela's for the raffle and door prizes. Gary also bought a number of tickets for the raffle, and managed to take home an absolutely gorgeous Leupold rifle scope!

Now it's true that this year's series was filmed last Fall and that the winner has already been determined, I'm still going to root for Gary to win it all!



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