Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Who Will Win The Steel Challenge ? Vote Now!

 The Women of USPSA are running a poll to determine who everyone thinks is going to win at next week's Steel Challenge world Championships. Their poll even breaks it down into the individual classes and divisions. Much to my amazement, they have my name listed as one of the possible winners in the Senior Division. Actually, they have combined the Senior and the Super senior divisions, and I'm actually a "Super Senior" (Translation: "Not quite fossilized, but getting close.")

It's my favorite kind of poll, where you can vote as often as you want. I was thinking how much fun it would be if we got the Gun Bloggers behind a movement to swamp the ballot box with votes.

If you swing by their poll spot here you can vote for all your predictions. It's also interesting to see the names of the shooters who will be competing. It's truly a "who's Who" of the action pistol community.

If you are so inclined (hint) to vote (hint) for me (hint - hint) you will find me down near the bottom of the poll in the Senior Division listed as "Mike Gallion", a pseudonym often used by Mr. Completely in shooting matches.

Bloggers, how about a mention in a post to see if we can drum up some votes? It might be the only way I can beat those guys!

To see how the results are going in the Senior Division, Click Here.

Here's the Limited  Poll Results

Here's the Ladies Limited  Poll Results

Here's the Ladies Open  Poll Results

Here's the Open Division  Poll Results

Go Vote Here

This could be fun!

(NOTE: The Poll Results are not real-time, and they get updated maybe once a day, but keep voting!)



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