Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Murphy Summers on Whidbey Island

Man, what a morning!For the last two days I've been getting all of the final loose ends taken care of so I could leave today for Piru, California and the Steel Challenge World Championships. Fortunately, only a couple of hours before KeeWee and I were going to board the shuttle bus to take us to the airport I got an email from Paul Erhardt telling me that he had read my blog post, and that the Championships were NEXT week, not this week. Somehow, way back in January, when I wrote all of the match dates on the calendar the dates for the Steel Challenge Championships got written down wrong by one week. No idea exactly how I managed to do that, but apparently I did. What's amazing, though, is that no one noticed. Fortunately Paul spotted it and sent me an email. I've spent the morning changing the reservations for the airport shuttle, the flights, the rental car, and the hotel in Valencia. Believe it or not, every change went smoothly, and everything is now set up for the correct week! WHEW!

I think I've got a pretty good idea where Murphy spends his Summer vacation!


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