Thursday, August 26, 2010

e-Postal Matches - Shoot 'em BOTH This Weekend!

Yup, this weekend you can head out to the range and shoot both e-Postal matches, as True Blue Sam has the September match underway. You'll like Sam's match, particularly if you'd enjoy taking out a few coyotes, but be careful, don't shoot the rooster or the hen house! Here's the link to the September match, and Here's the link to the August match over at Curtis Lowe's blog.

Go print out the targets and rules, gran your friends, and grab lots of guns and ammo, then head out to the range to shoot the matches. Don't forget, one lucky entry will win a $50 Gift Certificate from Cheaper Than Dirt, and it's awarded by random drawing from the entries, so how well you score doesn't matter. The first time shooter's entry is just as likely to win as anyone else!

Be safe, have fun, shoot 'em up!


At Sunday, September 05, 2010 8:13:00 PM, Blogger David aka True Blue Sam said...

The September contest is a good one for applying tactics in order to maximize your score. The prescribed distance is 25 feet for pistols, but you can shoot at any distance you want/need, and your score will be adjusted. Say for instance that you are shooting 3's at 25 feet, but at 20 feet you can score 5's. Well, 20 feet will give you a scoring factor of 80%, which gives you 4's, which are better than 3's any day. Or maybe you are an extra steady shot and can make 5's at 30 feet. Your 5's would then be increased by 20% to 6's, blowing away the competition, unless some hotshot can make 5's at 35 feet. It's a good contest for experimenting to make your best possible score. If you can't make it to a range, set up a BB gun range in the basement or garage and have at it. Every entry you send in gives you a chance in a random drawing for a $50 gift certificate from Cheaper Than Dirt, so for Heaven's sake, get out and shoot!


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