Friday, June 04, 2010

Off To The Washington State Championships

It's Friday morning and KeeWee and I are just about to head East to Ephrata, Washington for the Washington State Steel Challenge Championships. It's one ferry boat ride and about five hours on the road to get there, so that's not too bad. Our route takes us across Snoqualmie Pass, so our new motor in our "Land Yacht" will get a bit of a test, but it seems to be running well, so it should be fine.

We have reservations at a really nice RV park in Ephrata for Friday and Saturday nights. The RV park has WiFi, so I'm taking the netbook along in case we get a chance to do a blog post or so. Some folks from the Kitsap Club are staying at the same place, so we'll probably burn a few hotdogs and set fire to some marshmellows, weather permitting, of course.

I'll try to post once we get there, WiFi permitting.......


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