Sunday, May 09, 2010

James Austin's Moon Clip Server

If you are a revolver shooter who uses moon clips and shoots in competition where reloads must be done quickly and efficiently, here's just what you need. In the past you could either use a belt mounted moon clip holder with each moon clip on a different post and in a different position, or you could have several moon clips on a single post so you had a long post to slide the lower loaded moon clips to the top before you could lift it off the post.

James Austin, a master revolver shooter in his own right and a talented inventor and fabricator on the side, has come up with a simple, elegant, and ingenious solution. On his moon clip server, you stack the loaded moon clips horizontally across the brass guide piece. The spring loaded follower keeps them all pushed to one side so there will always be a loaded moon clip in the same place on your belt whether it's the first or the sixth one used. You will be able to always reach to exactly the same place to get the next moon clip.

James Austin's Moon Clip Server
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James is building these one at a time, at least for now, and the patent process is well underway. The unit is all steel and brass with no fragile plastic parts, so it should last for years under even steady competition usage. The finish is a durable powder coat, rather than paint. By removing one cotter pin you can convert the server from right to left hand use. James sells these for $149.95 plus shipping, so if you want to have your moon clips always in the same place for your competition reloads,  or if you just have some questions about the Moon Clip Server, you can email James directly at catmandozer (at) comcast (dot) net. Tell him Mr. Completely sent you!



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