Thursday, June 04, 2009

Getting Ready for Washington Steel Championships

As usual, I seem to be running out of time! Here it is Thursday afternoon and we're off tomorrow morning to Ephrata, Washington (the other side of the state) for the Washington State Steel Challenge Championships on Saturday. I still haven't managed to get all of the posts finished on the European Steel Challenge Championships. By Monday I'll have a bunch of stuff from the State Championships to get posted, too. WHEW!

I did manage to come up with a language translator from Google that seems to work. The Babelfish one wouldn't do anything but give error messages when you tried to translate the blog to a different language. The gizmo is over on the right sidebar, so give it a try and see if it works for you. I suspect their translations are still pretty funny, but it does allow you to sort of get the drift of the post.

James and Scott, both outstanding revolver shooters, won't be over at Ephrata as they are heading down to California for the big ICORE (International Confederation of Revolver Enthusiasts?) match. Smith & Wesson is heavily involved in the match, and Jerry Miculek usually shoots it, so they will definitely have a good time! Good luck, we are expecting big things, and we'd better not get any phone calls asking for help raising bail for the both of you! Don't forget to give Jerry some of your home-made smoked sausage, I'm sure he'll appreciate it. YUMMM....

I better get off line and check over the race runs and make sure everything is running as it should, then give them, and the magazines, a cleaning and a little lubrication. Probably a new battery in the sight, while I'm at it. Since KeeWee is shooting in this match too, I better be sure her High Standard is running right, too.....

Our campground in Ephrata advertises free wireless internet, so I'll drag along my netbook and possibly get a post up if we don't drive back Saturday night after the match.



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