Friday, November 30, 2007

e-Postal Match Reminder - Ends Sunday Night!

I've been so involved with other stuff that I almost forgot about the current e-Postal match still going on! US Citizen at Traction Control is this month's host. It's a challenging match with classes for just about any kind of handgun you might want to use. There's even three different tees (distances), the lady's tees, the men's tee's, and the pro tees.

The match closes this Sunday night, and this is the last match until Spring, so this weekend is your last chance to print out some targets, shoot the match, and email in your entries.

For all the match information and to download the targets, CLICK HERE.

I'm predicting good scores from JimmyB, Manfred, Ahab, and some of the rest of you out there, so grab some targets and go for it!



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