Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Not A Revolver?

At last Sunday's CWSA STeel Challenge match an "Unidentified" revolver shooter (he looks kinda familiar, though) was seen after the match trying out one of those new-fangled "gizmo Guns", and the camera just happened to capture the moment for posterity.

After firing six rounds, he gave up on the new gun as he was unable to find the cylinder release button so he could swing the cylinder out to reload......

I could be wrong, but could this be the same shooter who regularly refers to semi-autos as "Bottom feeders" ?

Actually, all was in good fun, and that's our own "Evil Al" shooting LouG.'s brand new 9mm. EAA Tanfoglio race gun. That's Rainy in the foreground, and Lou looking on......



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