Friday, November 10, 2006

Last CWSA Bowling Pin Shoot of the Year

Tomorrow, 11/11/06, is the last scheduled bowling pin match of the year at Central Whidbey Sportsman's Assn. in Coupeville, Washington. Signup is at 9am., with shooting starting after all have signed up.

We will start with all shooters shooting four qualifying tables of five pins per table against the clock to determine first round matchups. After qualifying we will start the single elimination matches. The qualifying process will ensure that your first round opponent will be of a skill level similar to your own skills. You must win two out of three tables against your opponent to advance to the next round, otherwise you are out!

Normal eye and ear protection is required, and full metal jacket bullets are not permitted. Lead bullets, plated bullets, and hollow points are all acceptable.

There will be several classes, including

Full size pins

Optical Sight - Centerfire

Iron Sight - Centerfire

Any Sight - Revolver

6" Pin Tops

Optical Sight - .22 Rimfire

Iron Sight - .22 Rimfire

The shooting stations are covered, so we will shoot rain or shine. This will be the last pin shoot until early next Spring, so come on out and give it a try!


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