Tuesday, July 18, 2006

KT Ordinance Update

The following post has been reproduced in its entirety, as it originally appeared on Says Uncle. I first met Rick Celata, owner of KT Ordinance, a year ago in Missoula at last year's annual bowling pin shoot. Rick is a master machinist, and he makes partially completed lowers for AR-15's. They are 80% finished, and the purchaser then does the final 20% of the work on the lower. According to the laws as I read them, this is completely legal. None the less, Rick and KT Otdinance got raided, basically shutting down his business, and wiping him out financially.

An effort is being made to raise some money to help Rick with both living and legal expenses.

Here's the story:

KT Ordnance Update Posted by SayUncle

Via Publicola, Claire Wolfe has an update and fundraising info:

WITH A LITTLE HELP from Andy Lochridge, Gary Marbut, JPFO, Debra Webmistress of the Dark, and the wonderful people of TCF, we’re going to help Rick Celata of KT Ordnance out of the dire straits Our Beloved Government put him into.

The first part of the fundraiser is a simple “pass the hat.” I didn’t realize it until a couple of days ago, but the BATFE and FBI essentially blew away ALL of Rick’s income. (Yeah, they can ruin a person and put a family with pre-school kids in peril without even charging anybody with a crime. That’s what they’ve tried to do with Rick.) Once he’s got enough to keep the phone connected and the lawyer from walking out on him, we’ll follow up with eBay auctions.

JPFO says:

You’ll recall our alert regarding the BATFE raid on KT Ordnance, manufacturer of 80% frames that — when fully finished by you — can be used to make AR-15 rifles. Owner Rick Celata, who had suspended sales after the raid, has informed us that his lawyer indicated he should return to production.

The info for contributing is here.

I've met Rick, and he's no terrorist or gang-banger building illegal weapons. It seems that he's read the law, and stuck to it, but got busted anyway.

That just isn't right.......


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